Air Handlers

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Obtain superior command over your home’s air with the most current air handler in Houston, Texas, from Marcos AC & Heating.

They’re combined with a heat pump or air conditioner to continuously clean and disperse conditioned air. This steady movement helps your residence feel more enjoyable by removing allergens and humidity, particularly during warm months.

Regular functioning may appear like it exhausts a lot of energy, but these state-of-the-art units may even lessen your energy bills. A few models have convertible-speed technology, which offers stable temperatures while using reduced energy.

You can trim your energy costs even further by pairing your air handler with a smart thermostat. These smart components gain insight your family’s habits and easily adjust airflow to help you save money.

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4 Perks of a New Air Handler

A new air handler presents a number of perks, which include:
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Greater energy efficiency

A few modern air handlers have variable-speed capabilities to use a reduced amount of energy than singular-stage equipment.

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Better reliability

You’ll have satisfaction understanding your new air handler will provide heating and cooling for years to come.

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Quieter comfort

Today’s air handlers come with state-of-the-art technology that makes them to work quietly.

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Better Filtration

New systems usually have two filters, which allow for cleaner air for your family to breathe.

Get Quieter, Better Comfort with a Modern Air Handler

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